Be a volunteer

We provide opportunities for people to be at our base over the period of 1 to 3 months and use their skills to assist us with the practical demands previously identified in our ministries. As a base, we are available to serve as facilitators in the process of those who are interested in fulfilling God’s call for the time that will be with us.


Base administrative routines:

  • Administrator: Planning, organization, management, fundraising;
  • Logistics: Resource management, inventory management, supplier contact;
  • Accountant: Financial management.

General Services:

  • Hospitality: Organization of rooms, laundry and cleaning services;
  • Repairs: Mason, electrician, plumber, gardener;
  • Painting: Maintenance of indoor and outdoor environments;
  • Kitchen: Cook, kitchen aid.

Communication and Mobilization (CM YWAM):

  • Journalism: Production of content, preparation of informative texts, conducting interviews;
  • Marketing: Institutional identity, informative actions, maintenance of communication channels;
  • Design: Visual identity, creation of pieces for social media;
  • Photography: Image capture, workflow, treatment, finalization;
  • Video: Audiovisual capture, decoupage, edition, export;
  • Informatics: Technical assistance, network maintenance, web content.

Justice and Transformation (Lighthouse Project):

  • Physical Educator: Assistance in soccer classes for children in the community, the possibility of
    developing short-term projects involving other sports;
  • Teacher: Reinforcement classes, languages, music or art workshops for children in the community,
    adult literacy;
  • Social Worker: Planning and execution of projects related to community development (for example
    social mediation);
  • Psychologist: Psychological counseling, short-term psychological counseling, structuring of a
    therapeutic group with community bias.

Center for Rehabilitation and Restoration (CRER):

  • General: Conducting workshops.


It required that the volunteer is in full physical and emotional health. Also, anyone with a willing, flexible, open heart to serve will be welcome in our midst. If you would like to work as a team, use your gifts and talents to serve God and live with other long and short term missionaries, feel challenged and be a part of what God is doing in our midst.


The volunteer should be aware that he will experience what it is to live in community and serve in the mission field. There will be introduction and follow-up during the adaptation process at the base. Accommodation and meals are held collectively. Participation of the volunteer in core programmings, such as intercession and worship, is required. There are also internal rules of the database that will be communicated and must be fulfilled by the volunteer.


God leads us as YWAM to be responsible for our finances and to cover our values through a network of relationships. So we ask that the volunteers do the same. The volunteer will pay the same amount (R$ 480/month) that a worker pays to live in the base. This amount is intended to cover the cost of lodging and meals (breakfast, lunch, and dinner).


  • Being a Christian
  • Have at least 18 years old
  • Have a date for arrival and departure base
  • Submit the application form here
  • Send email/letter of recommendation from leader or pastor
  • Sign the term sheet when you arrive at the base


Allison Gonzalez

Telefone: +55 (91) 980346298