What is the FCM?

We have observed in our consultations that the root of most traumas and wounds in a person’s life began in a dysfunctional family or in a divorce generating abuse, abandonment and rejection. We need to understand God’s plan for marriage and family, healing our emotions and our memory regarding the authority models that failed to properly influence our lives.

School Purpose

The Counseling School aims to train the student to deal with relational conflicts, whether personal or family, providing healing, restoration and relational maturity of the student. It also proposes to train counselors who can assist in the healing process.




Plumb Line*, Plumb line for children)*, orphanhood*, trauma and abuse *, the father’s blessing *, the power of forgiveness *, born winner *, communication in counseling, etc. *

*These subjects may change according to the needs of each school.


How does the school work?

In the morning the student has a quiet time with God and then have 3 hours of class. In the afternoon take part in small groups, maintenance, discipleship. At night has a time for personal study, fellowship, and anything else they need. During this time the student is closely monitored by a staff of the school.

The school is divided into two phases:

3 Months – Lecture Phase: The student will have lectures of teachers from different parts of Brazil and the world, research, group activities, among others.

3 Months – Outreach Phase: During the outreach will be provided counseling experiences to improve their ministerial activities.


Inscription: R$ 600 (BRL)
School Fees: R$ 3.000 (BRL)-you can divide in 3 times
Outreach cost not factored in

How to apply

Click here to download the registration form, fill out and send us via fax to | +55 41 | 3699-4622 or email: escoladeaconselhamento@yahoo.com.br – After sending your application, check by phone or email above if it’s all right. The existence of a vacancy being confirmed, will only be effected by sending the registration fee receipt (by fax or e-mail) , ie, US$ 170.

How To Pay

Please make an international payment order via SWIFT – MT 103 to BBDEBRSPSPO, which is Banco Bradesco’s SWIFT code.

Jovens Com Uma Missão – CNPJ: 06132231/0001-35
Banco Bradesco – Agência 1342-0 – C/C 43512-0

You will be charged US$ 40 for the international transaction

When making the deposit please send vouchers for e-mail: escoladeaconselhamento@yahoo.com.br




Beginning of the next school: 2nd half of 2017

Where does it happen?

Ywam Almirante Tamandaré Base – Av. Wadislau Bugalski, 3826 Jardim Buenos Aires. Almirante Tamandaré – PR, Curitiba – CEP 83511-000

More information

Leader: Paulo e Ieda Silva
Cell Phone: +55 41 9 9770 9853
E-mail: ieda_silva@hotmail.com