What is the DTS?

The Discipleship Training School – DTS, is your chance to have an experience with God like never before. It is an intense, rewarding and fun experience with five months of learning, three months of lecture training and two months of missionary practical experience in the field. It is necessary that the student be with us full-time, during the whole DTS time.
You do not only study the word of God but discovers how to make it real in your own life, learning to hear the God`s voice and allowing Him to change your heart. DTS is your chance to intensively seek God`s face and know the joy to have intimacy with the Creator. Each DTS can offer opportunities of local, national or international outreaches.

The DTS – Discipleship Training School is a course that gives people the opportunity to have their character and personality strengthened to know God’s purpose for their lives. The main emphasis of the course is to know God more deeply and to provide for the student, favorable circumstances to mature their relationship with the Lord and with the people around them.




DTS Curriculum

The DTS’s curriculum is directed to the development of the relationship with God, Christian character and the vocational profile of the candidate. The student is personally discipled by staff who will help him in spiritual growth, discovery of talents and gifts for Christian service, both in missionary work, as in the Christian life. There will be reading books at school.

Quiet time and Word’s Importance | Intercession | God’s Nature and Character | The Great Value of Small Things | Evangelism | Drama | Transcultural Mission | Worship and Intercession | Worldview | Controlled Feelings | Relationship with God | The Fear of the Lord | The Paternal Heart of God | Grace | Human Sexuality | The Aproved Staff | Brokenness and renounce of rights | Personal Value | Homiletics | Dream and Destiny | Seven areas of Influence | Loyalty and Priesthood | Projects | What is Youth With A Mission

These topics can be changed due to demand for each school.

How does the school work?

lecture phase : It lasts for 3 months. In the morning the student has a quiet time with God and then have 3 hours of class. In the afternoons will participate in evangelism, work duties at  the base, theater rehearsals, study groups, discipleship, intercession etc. In the evenings, we have a personal study time or something else you need.
Outreach Phase:
It lasts 2 months. Students are sent as a team to a practical time in the mission field in Brazil or abroad. There the emphasis is on application of the principles taught in the first three months, with the active participation in evangelism and discipleship. In the last 15 days all the students go to a city previously established to run out the Evangelistic Impact where the practical period is closed, completing the DTS with graduation.



School Purpose

  • To equip the student to grow in relationship with God, providing a solid biblical foundation and encouraging the development of the character of Christ by application.
  • To Challenge the student to engage in missions unreached in world evangelism.
  • To transmit to the student an understanding of International Youth With A Mission, its core values and the calling for actions.
  • Prepare students to serve in the Church and local communities.


Inscription: R$ 500 (BRL)
School Fees: R$ 3500 (BRL) (for cash payment 5% discount)or divided into 5 portions / monthly R$ 700 (BRL) In case of payment in installments, pay the application + first installment before starting the school.

Evangelistic Impact: R$ 700 (BRL) The value is divided by 2 times in the last two months of school.

The value is set according to the places where the DTS outreach will be held, and there may be national and international outreach (these values are not included in the fees, and it is the student’s responsibility to provide these values).

How To Pay

Please make an international payment order via SWIFT – MT 103 to BBDEBRSPSPO, which is Banco Bradesco’s SWIFT code.

Jovens Com Uma Missão – CNPJ: 06132231/0001-35
Banco Bradesco – Agência 1342-0 – C/C 43512-0

You will be charged US$ 40 for the international transaction

When making the deposit please send vouchers for e-mail: etedtamandare@yahoo.com.br




Beginning of the next school:  –

= > Two courses per year, usually from February to June and July to December.

Where does it happen?

Ywam Almirante Tamandaré Base – Av. Wadislau Bugalski, 3826 Jardim Buenos Aires. Almirante Tamandaré – PR, Curitiba – CEP 83511-000

How to Apply

1 – Download your DTS registration form on the next icon, fill out and send us by e-mail: etedtamandare@yahoo.com.br

2 – Confidential forms must be completed by your pastor and sent to the e-mail: etedtamandare@yahoo.com.br

Student Registration Form – Click Here to download the file

Pastor or Leader Registration Form – Click here to download the file

Further Information

|+55 41| 9834-5361 Robson
E-mail: etedtamandare@yahoo.com.br