What is ABC?

This course is part of the College of Counseling & Healthcare at the University of the Nations.
It is a school designed to help the understanding of addictions and its variations and equip the student in the field of recovery. In the present day we are being bombarded with the rush of life, success and the demands of a way to live more and more superficial in our relationships. We have more tendencies to have defense mechanisms, and vicious behavior as relational addiction, workaholism, sex, eating disorders, extreme use of adrenaline behavior or the use of substances that brings the illusion of pain relief and compensation in pleasure as drugs and alcohol.

This school brings a mature approach and uncover issues to work God’s strategies to recover and to have a full life. The school also covers the area of trauma and abuses that are mostly resulting from the addiction cycle and a dysfunctionality chain for those experiences, and also for those who live within a sphere of relationships of codependence.

As Christians our challenge and our focus is to get people to focus on the finished work of Christ’s cross. Help others to find freedom from addictions and other destructive lifestyles.



Having completed the DTS (Discipleship Training School) and the FCM (Foundations for Counseling Ministries).

Beginning of the next school: September 24, 2018




ABC Curriculum

  • Understanding Addictions
  • Group Counseling
  • Family Systems
  • Emotions in the recovery process
  • Emotional dependence and Codependency
  • Trauma
  • Dealing with abuses sequelae
  • Recovery Models
  • relapse prevention
  • and much more

These topics can be changed due to demand for each school.

How does the school work?

The school is developed in 12 weeks. With lecture Phase and an additional of 12 weeks in the Outreach.

In the lecture phase we will have classes with teachers trained in approaches in the area of addictions and its variations. You will participate in weekly groups that aim to help to process the classes, focusing on the personal development of the student. The student will have several academic papers and other evaluative activities that should be made to be reported to University of the Nations registration.

The Outreach Phase will be developed in teams, for 12 weeks.
The goal is to make educational and preventive approaches in various sectors of society such as schools, rehab centers, churches, health centers, prisons and other places of interest. At this stage it will be also asked academic tasks that will be evaluated and activities in the process and support groups.

This phase will also be registered with 12 credits at the University of the Nations.



School Purpose

Provide to the student the understanding of concepts of addiction and recovery on physical, emotional and spiritual aspects

To train missionaries in the field, pastors in training and the church to understanding addictions and its aspects as well as the treatment and recovery to a more effective approach and a proposal to prevent relapses.
Enable understanding of recovery models (addictions & trauma) and prepare the students for an approach with mature and intelligent counseling for a practical approach of relevant issues to recovery
Provide the opportunity for students to use counseling tools to act in family field within the relevant ethical concepts, preparing them for interventions applied to issues of addictions, trauma and recovery.


Inscription: R$ 300 (BRL)

School Fees:R$ 4.200 (you can divide in 3 times)

This amount includes 3 books (to be used in school) plus material received every week.

How To Pay

Please make an international payment order via SWIFT – MT 103 to BBDEBRSPSPO, which is Banco Bradesco’s SWIFT code.

Jovens Com Uma Missão – CNPJ: 06132231/0001-35
Banco Bradesco – Agência 1342-0 – C/C 43512-0

You will be charged US$ 40 for the international transaction

After the deposit been made please send vouchers for e-mail: eacv.brasil@gmail.com



Wich date happens?

Beginning of the next school: September 24, 2018

Where does it happen?

Ywam Almirante Tamandaré Base – Av. Wadislau Bugalski, 3826 Jardim Buenos Aires. Almirante Tamandaré – PR, Curitiba – CEP 83511-000

How to Apply

Click here to fill the online application form.

More information

Paulo e Ieda Silva

WhatsApp: (+55 41) 9770-9853 or (+55 41) 9800-0887
E-mail: eacv.brasil@gmail.com