What is Counseling DTS?

The Discipleship & Training School (DTS) is your chance to experience God like never before. It is an intense, rewarding and fun 5-month learning experience, including a 3-month lecture phase at a YWAM base in Brazil and a 2-month field assignment/outreach.

During the DTS you will not only study the Word of God, but will find out how to make it real in your own life, learning to hear the voice of God and letting Him change your heart. The DTS is your chance to intensely seek the face of the Lord and to know the joy of having intimacy with the Creator. Each DTS offers opportunities of local, national and international outreaches.

The DTS is a training program that offers people the opportunity to have their character and personality strengthened to know God’s purpose for their lives. The main emphasis of the program is to know God in a deeper way and to provide the students with favorable circumstances to mature their relationship with the Lord and with people around them.

Next school:  January 16, 2017

How does the school work?

Lecture Phase: It lasts for three months. In the mornings you will have your quiet time with God and classes until lunch time. In the afternoons, depending on the day of the week, you will participate in work duties, communication work or creative evangelism training. There will also be small groups, one on one discipleship, intercession, etc, Most of the evenings will be free for personal study, reading and preparation of academic work.

Outreach Phase: It lasts two months. After successfully completing the 3-month lecture phase, the students will be sent as a team to an outreach in a mission’s field in Brazil or abroad for the 2-month field assignment. The emphasis of the outreach is to apply everything that was learned during the lecture phase, with active participation in creative evangelism, training, discipleship, mercy, and service.

Academic Information

Reading is a fundamental aspect of the learning process. The academic direction DTS Arts & Fitness adopts some books as a base for studies throughout the school.

Book: IS THAT REALLY YOU, GOD? Hearing the Voice of God

Work duty at the base.

Work duty time is used to provide opportunities for the student to serve the community in which he lives, in addition to teaching principles of the kingdom of God such as diligence, service, teamwork, inter-dependence, etc.

We understand that serving each others is one of the basic principles of the Christian faith, and as we live in community, also in the community we care for our place of residence, work and study.


I. The Nature and Character of God – Finding God

II. God’s plan for Individuals, Peoples and Creation – Seeing All of Life from God’s Perspective

III. God’s Redemption: Sin and The Cross – Recognizing Jesus as Lord

IV. God’s Family: His Children & His Church – Becoming More Like Jesus

V. God’s World: His Call and His Commission – Doing the Works of Jesus

VI. YWAM: A Response to God – Knowing God and Making Him Known

Quiet time | Intercession | How to Hear God’s Voice | Great Commission | Evangelism | Dramas | Urban Missions | Worship and Intercession | Worldview | Spiritual Warfare | The Person and Work of Jesus on the Cross | The Fear of God | The Paternal Heart of God | Grace | Human Sexuality | The Approved Staff | Sin, Repentance, Forgiveness and Restitution | The Plumb Line | Renouncing the rights | The person and work of the Holy Spirit | Gifts, Call, Destiny | Controlled Feelings | What is Youth With A Mission

Technical classes

The school offers technical classes and specific activities in the counseling fiel; special lectures by professionals from the Christian field.

School Purpose

  • To equip the student to grow in relationship with God, providing a solid biblical foundation and encouraging the development of the character of Christ by application.
  • To Challenge the student to engage in missions unreached in world evangelism.
  • To transmit to the student an understanding of International Youth With A Mission, its core values and the calling for actions.
  • Prepare students to serve in the Church and local communities.


Application Fee: R$ 400 (BRL)

Total cost of the lecture phase: R$ 2.940 (BRL)

3 x R$ 980(BRL) / 5 x R$ 700 (BRL)

This includes lodging, three daily meals and school shirt. The outreach phase is not included in these values and may vary according to the location of the same. This will be agreed with the students during the lecture phase of the school.
The payment of the application fees and the first installment shall be made only after you receive the confirmation that you have been accepted on the school. Your registration will be confirmed only after sending the receipt of deposits to etedaconselhamento@gmail.com

How To Pay

Please make an international payment order via SWIFT – MT 103 to BBDEBRSPSPO, which is Banco Bradesco’s SWIFT code.

Jovens Com Uma Missão – CNPJ: 06132231/0001-35
Banco Bradesco – Agência 1342-0 – C/C 43512-0

You will be charged US$ 40 for the international transaction

When making the deposit please send vouchers for e-mail: etedaconselhamento@gmail.com


Beginning of the next school: January 16, 2017

= > Two courses per year, usually from February to June and July to December.

Where does it happen?

Ywam Almirante Tamandaré base – Av. Wadislau Bugalski, 3826 Jardim Buenos Aires. Almirante Tamandaré – PR, Região Metropolitana de Curitiba – CEP 83511-000

How to Apply

Click here to fill the online form. Confidential forms must be completed by your pastor and also a person who knows you well. Click on the links below and send the links to the forms for them:

Pastor’s Form
Friend’s Form

If you can not fill out the online form we can send you a copy via email for you to print, fill out and send in the mail. Send us an e-mail to: etedaconselhamento@gmail.com

Further Information

Leadres: Elber e Marina Reis
Phone: (+55 41) 3109-4404 | (+55 41) 3047-4335
Our Office is open from Tuesday to Saturday from 9am to 12pm and 2pm to 6pm
Cell Phone: (+55 41) 9637-5621  | (+55 41) 9153 5018
E-mail: etedaconselhamento@gmail.com
Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/aconselhamentoeted