You can invite an outreach team with staff and students of one of our University of the Nations schools to work with your church, NGO or institution for a time of one until three months. For this, you just need to write an e-mail with your proposal of dates and work  to the leader of the school that you have interest in inviting. Below is a list with the focus of work, months of outreach phase and the contact of each school:

DTS – Discipleship Training School

Outreach phase focus: evangelism, impacts, training, discipleship and community work.

Months: april and  june / july and august / october and november  

Contacts: DTS (Robson, etedtamandare@yahoo.com.br), DTS Counseling (Elber, etedaconselhamento@gmail.com) and DTS Communicators (Nathália, etedcomunicadores@jocumpr.com.br)


SMD – School of Ministry Development

Outreach phase focus: training and discipleship.

Months: january,  february and march.  

Contact: Nice (etdalmirante@gmail.com)


FCM – Foundations for Counseling Ministry

Outreach phase focus: ministration of Plumb Line and individual counseling.

Months: january, february  and march.

Contact: Cristina Bettine (crisbettine@yahoo.com.br)


ABC – Addictive Behavior Counseling School

Outreach phase focus: training on addictions, individual counselings, work with drug rehab centers ( Teen Chalenge),   and support groups based on the 12 steps of AA-Alcoholics Anonymous.

Months: april, may and june

Contact: Paulo & Ieda – paulieda@gmail.com



You can host one of our seminars in your church. Simply contact the leadership of the seminar that you want to receive. The contacts are on each seminar’s page on SEMINARS menu.


ATTENTION! Our staff, students, schools and seminaries do not charge any fee to teach and work with churches, NGOs or institutions. In the case of a seminar, your institution should be responsible at least for the costs of transportation, lodging and feeding of our workers. In the case of school teams, we usually are responsible for transport and the institution gets responsible for the accommodation and food.

Any type of financial and logistical arrangement must be agreed in advance between the school leadership / seminar and the leadership of the institution that will receive us. Offers are encouraged and are at the criteria of the church leadership.

If in doubt about which school or seminar invite and you want a indication, write to contato@jocumpr.com.br

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